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‘I enjoyed teaching art in schools for fifteen years in Sussex, North London and Essex, and then in 2007 I was fortunate enough to become a full-time artist! I also teach art workshops to adults.
I am drawn to anything worn and weathered such as an old door with peeling paint, or any interesting surfaces created by natural means. In my paintings I tend to focus on surface – not worrying about depth or creating reality. I use a range of media including acrylic paint, gold leaf and pages from old books. I have always adored children’s drawings – that stage before self-doubt creeps in which is probably why I am such a fan of the “blind contour” drawing method as it takes some of the control out of my work.
My interest in surfaces, aged, rusted has also lead me to work in mosaic with slate, glass, old china, stone and smalti amongst other materials. These mosaics are for indoor use unless stated otherwise. I work organically and just enjoy putting colours together and cutting the tiles to make tiny little roads around my found pieces of china.’

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