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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The breadth of work by artist Naini Ahluwalia is quite simply stunning - from large expressive statement pieces portraying the energy and emotion behind them to the beautiful studies of nature and wildlife, it's clear Naini is an artist of much creative depth.

Naini started painting from a young age and in 1991 had a lucky break when she was offered the opportunity to curate her first solo exhibition. This show was critiqued by the top art critics of the time; the positive reviews for the self-taught artist came as a surprise. The encouraging comments and positive critique sparked an enthusiasm for Naini to pursue her dream of an art career. Since then her art has gained much popularity - here is freedom of expression and depth that only comes when one is well versed with the subject and the medium. You can sense the artist’s innate ability to express her inner thoughts and dreams into her art using different emotions, energy and feelings.

As an artist that loves to explore different mediums, she’s most comfortable with oil on canvas, painting her spectacular pieces using one of the most creative tools in the world - her bare hands! She completes each painting in a single session to capture the emotion and meaning behind the artwork while it is still raw and strong. In the most recent works she embraced shades of black in vibrant and cheerful manner, which clearly comes through when you view these.

There is now a wider selection of colour palette which includes highly vibrant shades - these can be difficult to work with as they tend to naturally overpower the surrounding space.

Naini also enjoys experimenting with digital art and the results can be found on her website at

Naini is not only a renowned artist but she is also an animal lover as evidenced by several of her latest artworks which are currently on show at Wynd Gallery’s summer exhibition in August (6-14).

When she's not painting, she enjoys stealing those quiet moments on country walks or by the sea.

Exhibitions: Naini has exhibited over the years in India, Scotland, London, Spain and USA as well as various exclusive agent representations.

Her work was selected for the 12th Cleveland International Drawing Biennale 1996 (UK) and

she regularly takes part in events and exhibitions around the country including the local Art Society, St Ives and Cambridge.

She is also a fellow member of RSA (Royal Society of Arts)

Naini Ahluwalia is currently exhibiting as the Featured Artist at The Wynd Gallery, Letchworth, from 16th August - 15th September 2022

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