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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

At first glance the atmospheric lighting, soft sweeping marks and swathes of colour in Stewart Hulberts' phtographic work could be mistaken for a painting.

It's clear that the artist loves nothing more than being outside in the elements enjoying and capturing his experience of the natural world, camera in hand.

Stewart began taking photographs at a young age and his passion for the medium has continued to grow over the years.

Endeavouring to capture the scene that he is surveying, Stewart wishes to convey the emotion and essence of a moment in time, caught forever, that he can never return to.

A wave crashing on a rock, a cloud formation in the sky or a view that is bathed in the light of the golden hour, all of these moments are captured with the lens and displayed for the viewer to enjoy these fleeting moments.

By continuing to experiment with new techniques to further enhance his stunning imagery, Stewart hopes to take the viewer on a journey of experiencing the moment alongside him.

He particularly favours black and white photography in addition to a technique known as ICM or Intentional Camera Movement. This allows him to move the camera to create the beautiful blurring effect that makes his work both unique and full of atmosphere.

Stewart is constantly searching for more inspiration and loves to travel around the many places in the UK to capture land and seascapes through his camera lens. Scotland is high on the list of magical places he has visited where he experienced amazing views of the coast which gave him the challenge of capturing the power and beauty of the sea.


The Maynard Gallery - Welwyn Garden City

Much Hadham Art Society Summer Exhibition

Herts Open Studios

Much Hadham Art Society Winter Exhibition

Stewart Hulbert is currently exhibiting as the Featured Artist at The Wynd Gallery, Letchworth from 5th July - 4th August 2022

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