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‘The natural world inspires my work especially the beauty found in the small and delicate that catches the eye, pulling you in for a closer look.’

Lucy is a Woven Tapestry Artist. She describes herself as a creative at heart who loves the tactile element of making art and has always been drawn to textiles. As a child she enjoyed learning spinning, weaving, embroidery and lace making. Some of her childhood was spent in Turkey and Indonesia, where the textiles of Kiln, Ikat and Batik fascinated her.

Following an education in art was a natural route to take, and she very quickly chose textiles as her subject, specialising in constructed textiles and Tapestry weaving on her degree.

She enjoys many textile processes but tapestry weaving has continued to fascinated her. She describes it as a simple process with endless possibilities. Her material of choice, monofilament, a fibre she can easily collect and repurpose as many fishing lines are a monofilament fibre. Intrigued by light play, monofilament fibres allow Lucy to explore her work further once woven. By using photography she captures moments in time of play with light, seasons and the natural world.

Where and when she can, Lucy uses old fishing line to weave her work. Any unused line is sent off to an Angling society for recycling. She explains she is constantly looking at ways of making her work more sustainable and repurposes materials as much as possible.

Lucy works from her studio in North Hertfordshire which over looks a garden she has created for her family and the local wildlife.
She is a member of the British Tapestry Group, Eastern Region Textile Forum and Herts Visual Arts.

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