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Our first 'Wynd Gallery Artist of the Year' event took place on Saturday on the green at the Wynd Village, Letchworth. With 7 of our gallery artists taking part and 4 'Wildcard' artists, we set about creating a still life artwork in just 4 hours!

Our artists paint a huge range of genres and not all are still life painters, so we enthusiastically embraced being pushed out of our comfort zones to take on the large still life display. All of the artists brough items along to contribute to an interesting subject matter - from kettles & teapots to dressmaking models, flowers & fruit.

Setting up the still life display in the centre of the gazebos - it took a full 2 hours but the sun was with us!

Easels to the ready and paints on the palettes, we were just about ready for Richard Harbon, manager at the Letchworth BID to kindly start the competition. Promptly at 11am we were off for 4 hours of non-stop arting!

Founder member and event organiser Audrey Imber & wildcard artist Charlie Bex get started on their artworks.

One of the most common comments throughout the day was just how diverse the artwork being created was - some of us cropped the display into a very well observed study, others painted the overall composition. Some were detailed, others abstracted and a huge range of mediums were used from watercolours, oils, acrylics, household paint, stencils, pastels and pencil.

Wildlife Oil Painter Sally Quorn in action at the Wynd Gallery Artist of the Year 2024

Painter and Sculptor Sandy Andrews begins her still life painting on a beautiful rose coloured background.

Wildcard artist Anna Fearon deftly tackles an interesting close up of the display.

Wildcard artist Charli Bex concentrating intently on laying down her first watercolour layers as well as being the Biscuit Queen on the day and keeping us all well snacked!

Gallery Artist Martin Langston takes on the still life with his trademark brightly coloured background and stylised interpretation. Note the use of acrylic pen and household paint!

Wildcards Laura West (far left) and Sarah Underwood both chose to create beautifully detailed close ups from the still life, Laura working in acrylic and Sarah in oils.

Our wonderful Gallery artist Tiffany Logan producing the most beautiful layered artwork including gold leaf and stencils.

Landscape artist Sarah Hewitt, also a member of the Gallery painted a gorgeously rich impasto still life using oil paints and her palette knife.

Many of the artists used a coloured ground on their canvases and boards. On questioning, this was for a variety of different reasons - some artists like to keep those vibrant pops of colour peeking through the final piece to add a cohesive feel, whilst others find a mid tone allows them to create deeper darks and more vivid highlights. It also helps to alleviate any 'blank canvas' fears!

We were so well supported by the people of Letchworth who took the time to browse our work, chat to all of the artists and talk all things art before casting their votes. We even had to print more voting slips!

The votes were carefully counted by our lovely Claire Pringle before Paul Davey, curator of the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth kindly announced our winner!

Gallery Artist Nade Simmons took home the medal on the day and won £50 in art vouchers kindly donated by Collette, owner of the Norton Way Gallery, Letchworth.

The event was absolutely wonderful - filled with great company, interesting discussion, learning, sharing and celebrating art in all its forms. It was such a success that we are already planning a bigger and better event for next summer so keep your eyes peeled for the

Wynd Gallery Artist of the Year 2025!

Our artwork will be displayed in the town centre precinct for the duration of the Letchworth festival (until 30th June) if you would like to see it in real life!

With thanks to David Holmes for being our photographer on the day!

Our next group show 'Snapshots' will open on Tuesday 11th June 2024

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