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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Our next solo show of the summer opens next month on August 6th 2022.

If you are a fan of vibrant shades then prepare yourself for a creative treat as Naini brings you the 4th installment of her continuing Subliminal Series.

Largely consisting of new works, the show comprises of breathtaking pieces which have a subtle balance that nicely hits the spot.

The show focuses on vibrancy in art, with a fresh take on her trademark style, Naini aims to elevate the viewer from the mundane to a place of motivation, feeling uplifted and refreshed.

A vivid colour palette, a hands-on yet nuanced & individual process of colour mixing directly on the canvas using her hands to really connect with the piece makes Naini's work a true pleasure to behold. Immersing the viewer inside her world of colour and subtlety, this is a visual treat not to be missed!

'Higher Art' Exhibition, The Wynd Gallery, Letchworth.

Open daily from 6 to 14 Aug 2022

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