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Alchemy of Colour - July 22ND - 30TH 2023

Naini Ahluwalia & Sara Button

This exhibition brings together two artists for whom expressive colour is an intrinsic feature of their work. Exploring the power of colour to connect on an emotional level, Naini and Sara

create unique, optically dynamic paintings which have impact but also draw the viewer in,

inviting closer inspection.

Naini Ahluwalia is a contemporary minimalist artist creating original works in a wide variety of

mediums, although she is most at home painting in oil on canvas. Her original paintings possess a sense of exhilaration and inner movement that shifts through the viewer’s visual senses.

When observing Naini’s work one gets a sense of effortless movement and full expression.

Sara Button creates expressive paintings predominantly inspired by the natural world. An

exploration of light, pattern and rich colour combinations to evoke energy and rhythm are the

primary features of her work. Sara’s paintings arise out of close observation as she tries to

absorb the beauty and feel of her focus and represent these in a loosely expressive style.

The Alchemy of Colour runs from 22nd - 30th July 2023 at the Wynd Gallery, Letchworth

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