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Tilly has always led a creative life. Despite taking an art degree specialising in ceramics with textiles, it is paint that has become her preferred medium.
Colour, pattern and shape have always been integral to Tilly’s work as she searches for something
new. Her inspirational themes will often be a memory of a place, a holiday or a walk. There is a love of Scottish croft houses, hills, the abundance of wildflowers on a coastal path, ceramic vases and the effect of a floral display.

These may be real or imagined from which she aims to create an uplifting image.
The beginning of a new work starts with an explosion of colour on the surface before finer details
are applied, allowing layers beneath to show through. Never knowing the outcome of a painting at the start, it is exciting to see where the process takes her.
When not painting in her little garden studio, Tilly teaches art to primary aged children locally.

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