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May studied for 4 years at Eastbourne College of Art and went on to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer, working for various design companies and advertising agencies both in the UK and Hong Kong. She took a 16-year break from the design and creative scene due to family commitments and part-time work at a nursery. She has only recently started to pick up a paint brush again, renewing her interest as of last year.
May paints with acrylics and uses mixed media and inks for various projects. Landscapes, patterns, texture, and abstract art all feature in her work.
May likes to paint with vibrant colours so that the end result is full of energy and is uplifting to the viewer. She will use any colour pallet depending on how she feels on the day, as long as the colours have harmony. On occasion neon colours play a role in her paintings, incorporating past influences from the Punk era. She likes to make a bold statement. Her paintings are dynamic and vibrant, capturing viewers’ interest through emotions and feelings. Her work is exciting, instinctive, and intuitive with a positive vibe.

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