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I use ceramic techniques to capture and preserve things of beauty and importance. My current body of work focuses on capturing and preserving two diverse areas; domestic handicraft skills, such as sewing, crochet and knitting that have been passed down the generations and locally found wild plants.


Preserving the skills of my female ancestors is important to me. Detailed crocheted pieces created by my great grandmother can often be seen within my work. The incredible skills needed to create such intricate work are so often overlooked and seen only as 'women's work'. By preserving them in porcelain I hope to raise the status of these overlooked skills.


The intricate nature of wild plants, which I find locally, can also be captured and preserved. By pressing them into porcelain tiles and adapting my glazes, I can highlight details which are so often overlooked. Porcelain is a wonderful medium in which to capture such fine details.


I was born and raised in Durham and moved to Hertfordshire in 2002. I gained an MA in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire in 2014. Since then I have exhibited in various local exhibitions and in London. I currently live and work in St Albans.

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