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Stewart started taking photographs from a young age, his passion for this medium has
continued to grow over the years. He likes nothing better than to be outside enjoying the
natural world with a camera in his hand. He endeavours to capture the scene that he is
surveying and wishes to convey the emotion, the essence and connection of that scene in
front of him to capture a moment in time that he can never go back too, that can be a wave
crashing on to a rock, a cloud formation in the sky or a view that is bathed in the light of the
golden hour.
He would like the viewer to experience that moment with him by continuing experimenting
with new techniques to enhance the images. Black and white and ICM photography is a
particular favourite of his, evoking a feeling and definition for the viewer to connect with.
Stewart is constantly searching for more inspiration, there are many places in the UK to
capture through the lens of the camera and Scotland is high on the list of magical places he
has visited to experience the amazing views of the coast with the challenge of capturing the
power and beauty of the sea.
Exhibited at The Maynard Gallery
Exhibited at Much Hadham Art Society Winter and Summer Exhibitions
Open Studios
Exhibiting At:
The Wynd Gallery, Letchworth

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