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I create decorative, vibrant paintings informed by my love of pattern and colour. I am predominantly inspired by the flowers and forms of the natural world occasionally combined with interesting emporium and charity shop finds.


My paintings arise out of close observation as I try to absorb the beauty and feel of my focus and represent these in a loosely expressive style. I love contrasts and I am fascinated with the effect of light. I explore spontaneous mark making and colour to evoke energy and rhythm and capture the inherent patterns in my subject. I think my training in textiles has a big influence here! This lends my work an ornamental feel. 

I am also drawn back to my love of fabrics and stitch, occasionally making detailed textile pieces to interpret my organic compositions. Whichever medium I am working in, the outcomes are quirky, multi-layered artworks that I hope have impact but also draw the viewer in, inviting closer inspection.

I graduated from Farnham with a degree in Fashion/Textiles and subsequently trained in education. I have taught both Art and Textiles for over 20 years at secondary level. I currently divide my time between this and working in my studio in St Albans. As both a painter and a textile artist, I have exhibited in solo and joint shows both nationally and abroad and I have demonstrated at events such as the Knitting and Stitching Show and the Festival of Quilts.

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