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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

''I was born with two teeny tiny holes next to my left eye. My mother told me that the

'Caterpillars of Creativity' had wiggled in to sprinkle magical colours behind my eyes.

I think she was trying to be ethereal but I spent my formative years waiting patiently for some kind of Eric Carlesque monstrosity to fly out of my left ear.''

'Wanderwild' is the first solo show by award winning artist Nade Simmons, a retrospective on a childhood spent growing up in the beautiful Chilterns.

With an array of mediums from paintings to textiles, the show embraces the varied disciplines that Nade uses within her art practice.

'My multidisciplined approach helps to feed my imaginative flow. I consider myself a creative first and foremost.' she says, 'Whilst I love the textures and opportunities to experiment that embroidery brings, I also find immersing myself in paint gives me such freedom of expression. The two disciplines feed each other and being able to explore the space inbetween the two is when I feel most creative.'

'I find that one discipline feeding another really helps me when I get 'Artist's Block' - I can switch from painting to sewing and very often the solution to my grapplings will quickly resolve themselves.'

'Working on Wanderwild has been an amazing experience - for the first time I am able to exhibit the full breadth of my art practice without having to define myself as 'a textile artist' or 'a painter'. It encompasses paint, print, stitch and observational pieces, all anchored within this idea of the remembered landscape.'

'Wanderwild' will be on display at The Wynd Gallery, Letchworth from Sept 17th - Sept 24th 2022.

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