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Humna is an International Visual and Ceramic Artist, originally from Pakistan living in Hitchin. Her art is inspired by Islamic Geometry, Mandala Art and the 99 attributes of the Divine source energy. She uses Inks and acrylics to create her pieces.


Her inspiration is her Intuitive guidance and dreams which have helped her to go within and express her inner voice more clearing through detailed patterns from across the globe. Art to her is a tool that has helped her to heal from childhood traumas and assist her to work through blocked emotions and ground herself building a deeper connection with the Divine through her creations. Every piece she creates has a name of God, in the Arabic script, which she believes to have helped her to regain focus, channel courage and embrace her true self as created by her creator.


Each piece brings to life the animal spirit from within, to be acknowledged for what they are here to teach us, help and guide us to our highest potential. Her pieces are windows into the conversation she has with her soul, to make sense of her trapped, unspoken emotions that come to surface to be acknowledged, embraced and released in the form of Art Healing through these pieces.


She is a strong believer in seeing art to be a path for stable mental health, and so she teaches young children and adults what she’s learnt through her own experience to help others on their healing journey to be able to express more clearly and be more aligned within their mind body and soul. To know more about her online and local Mindful and Meditative Art Healing Workshops you can get in touch through the details below.


She will have her prints available to sell locally and also through her private studio in Hitchin and her website. To connect with her you can follow Instagram @Humna_being

She also runs art healing sessions for kids and adults to know more you can email her at 

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