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''When I paint I look into colour and composition. I am fascinated by colour. I paint with palette knives of various sizes to evoke the idea of ‘building the image with colour’. I aim to express in a spontaneous and honest way how I feel in the moment of painting. Layer by layer, different emotions appear, reappear and evolve. Every layer is charged with full energy and a sensitive choice of colour compositions which probably followed by subconscious memories, each layer would bring me closer to my inner self.''

Daniella is a contemporary abstract painter. Her colourful paintings and distinctive personal style express the vibrant spirit of South American culture. Daniella studied Architecture in Mexico at ITESM. In 2006 she earned a master of arts in Architecture from Greenwich University. She worked as an architect for 12 years in countries such as Bolivia, UK, Switzerland and Brazil. It was when becoming a mother that she started following her incessant passion in arts. Her architectural background is evident in some of her paintings and conceptual ideas.

Daniella is a member of the Herts visual arts and her artwork has been shown in exhibitions across Hertfordshire including The Big Art Fair 2018 and 2019 in Hitchin where she was awarded the Visitors award for the best in show.

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