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Having painted for over 25 years, Anne is inspired by a variety of subjects including the figure and still life, but most recently, her work has centred on landscapes in various forms. Her work has a sense of reality which leads the viewer into a semi abstract composition.
Anne likes to build up a body of work around a subject looking to portray it using different techniques. She will start with an image or sketches, and explore shape, colour and light, and then respond to the ideas she wants to convey in a finished piece. It’s a process of push and pull and discovery until the right balance is arrived at.
Working in a mixed media approach, Anne uses oils, acrylics and watercolour, and also likes to add linear marks with charcoal, pastel and oil crayon. She’ll often introduce collage and other materials to provide a textural element.
Anne’s work has been exhibited at The Wynd Gallery, many Hertfordshire exhibitions and in London.

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